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Tips On Storing Bulky Furniture In A Storage Unit

Tips On Storing Bulky Furniture In A Storage Unit

When it comes to packing, it is relatively simpler to store the small, non-essential items that are easy to carry around such as clothing, documents, and cleaning supplies. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for bulky items like your furniture and electronic appliances.

With these bulky items, they can be a challenge to transport and store in the storage unit. Although self-storage units are a great way to store large quantities of items for the long haul, it is crucial to know how to properly organise them. Rather than going for the largest storage unit, learn how to maximise the space available in your unit by finding ways to free up storage space! It’s often a matter of three things when storing large items: choosing the right unit, transporting your items to your unit, and storing your items properly once they arrive. Read on to discover helpful tips and tricks for storing your bulky items.

1. Hire a trusted moving company to transport your bulky items.

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If you don’t have a vehicle to help transport your bulky items, we suggest engaging in the services of a moving company. With professional movers, you can get assistance with moving, unloading, transporting, and other moving tasks, such as packing your items. 

This, however, will incur additional costs so unless you have the extra budget to cover it, we recommend getting help from family and friends who might not mind renting out their vans or lorries to help move your belongings to the self-storage facility. At SelfStore, we provide quality storage materials to help keep your items in good shape while in storage – whether it’s short-term or long-term. Get yours before you begin packing your items!

2. Disassemble with care.

Our storage units come in various sizes, and while our Large and Extra-Large units are more than spacious enough to accommodate large furniture and bulky appliances as-is, it’s always a good idea to disassemble them as needed and store them flat to free up more storage space. In other words, it isn’t just about stuffing your unit as efficiently as possible, it is about arranging it in a way that allows easy access to items.

That being said, we strongly recommend storing heavy items at the bottom. Even though it seems obvious, it is very easy to overlook the fragility of lighter items and dismiss the implications of placing heavily loaded items on top of them.

3.Utilise vertical space in storage units.

vertical storage space self storage singapore

Even though storage units are usually rented by square footage, those measurements are only part of the equation. All items exist in three dimensions, and although limited floor space is an important concern, taking into account the third dimension, height, is equally important.

Shelving can be an effective way for you to make your unit much more organised and space-efficient. There is no need to use shelves in your entire storage unit, but if you use same-sized boxes with them, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much you can store in your unit. Shelving isn’t just for vertical storage, it can also function as a great organiser.

4. Properly wrap your bulky items.

Keeping items for extended periods will only lead to dust accumulation, whether you store them in the storeroom or an actual self-storage facility. But this can easily be combated by simply wrapping them up. For easier transport and storage of items, air bubble wraps and pallet stretch films can be purchased from our website. They also serve as a cushion for bulky items and appliances during the moving process, preventing scratches and dents.

Store Your Bulky Items At SelfStore

Whether you’re planning on storing your items temporarily or long-term, SelfStore can assist you with your storage needs. We have a bunch of helpful and friendly staff at our storage facilities, ready to make sure your experience is nothing short of exceptional. Our self-storage facility offers more than just a place for storing large items. We offer small, cheap storage lockers perfect for storing a few boxes of your unused items.

Looking for a place to store your bulky items? You can find the right storage unit by referencing our storage size guide. Get a quote today!

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