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SelfStore offers effective and affordable storage solutions in Singapore, making storage space rental easier than ever. With years of experience in the storage industry, our team understands the needs, expectations, and challenges faced by customers and storage providers in Singapore. This knowledge has led us to design unique storage solutions aimed at resolving these difficulties on both ends.

Our wide range of self-storage units available at our conveniently located facilities (Hoy Fatt Road and Lower Delta Road) lets customers enjoy a 360° range of unique features such as ease of use, flexible rentals, 24-hour accessibility, absolute convenience, attractive prices, round-the-clock surveillance, and friendly customer support.

We value all our customers and are dedicated to helping you make the best decision for your self-storage needs. Whether you’re an individual, family, or business, you can rely on us as a reliable one-stop storage solution provider at all times.


Why Choose Our Storage Rental Solution in Singapore?

Knowing a reliable storage rental in Singapore may come in handy should the need for extra space arise. Looking for a good storage facility for your belongings? Opt for the cheap storage solutions we are offering here at SelfStore!

24-Hour Access

Whether you are a business owner who needs to regularly access your storage unit to retrieve inventory or a homeowner renovating your place, you will be pleased to know that our storage facilities are open 24/7.

Reliable Customer Support

Our staff are professionally trained to maintain rapport, provide customer support and high quality service at all times. SelfStore not only offers stellar storage solutions, but also lasting relationships.

Hygiene & Sanitation

Cleanliness of our storage facilities is of utmost importance to us. Our staff will conduct daily cleaning outside the unit and perform routine storage facility maintenance regularly to ensure optimum condition for your usage.

Packing Materials

Getting the right tools and materials to pack your items can be a hassle. Essential packing materials such as scissors, strings, tape and boxes are available for purchase onsite and online when you book our storage units.

Encouraging small-space living has long been a norm in Singapore due to land scarcity and the increasing population. However, this often translates to minimal storage capacity within our properties, leaving little room for items not used daily. While discarding these belongings might seem like an option, sentimental attachments and potential future utility often make parting with them difficult.

This is where storage rental spaces in Singapore step in, becoming an increasingly indispensable solution. These spaces offer a solution for keeping belongings that are not in regular use, yet hold sentimental or future-use value. Recognising this growing need for accessible solutions, SelfStore is dedicated to making storage rentals more affordable and appealing to the public. Explore SelfStore’s offerings today for practical and cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs!




4 Steps to Securing Your Storage Solution

Choose Your Storage Facility

Choose Your Storage Facility

Choose Your Preferred Storage Size

Choose Your Preferred Storage Size

Reserve Your Storage Unit

Reserve Your Storage Unit

Move In To Your Self Storage Unit

Move In!

That’s right, SelfStore is easy peasy!

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Maximising Space with SelfStore's Storage Solutions in Singapore

Business Inventory

Manage stocks efficiently without overcrowding your primary workspace by renting our storage unit – perfect for managing seasonal surges and maintaining an organised inventory.

Seasonal Decor

Free up valuable space at home by storing your seasonal decorations at our storage space for rent in Singapore. This also means keeping them safe and in good condition, ready for the next festive season.

Furniture Storage

Moving, renovating, or downsizing? We offer storage rental in Singapore, ideal for storing furniture you don't currently need but don't want to part with.

Sports Equipment

Whether it's bicycles, golf clubs, or camping gear, storing these bulky items in our accessible storage space allows you to retrieve your equipment whenever you need it, ready for your next adventure.

Storage Tips

What Our Clients Say


I managed to declutter my home by storing my infrequently use stuff at Selfstore Hoy Fatt Road Self Storage facility. Price is very value for Money

Jac W

The staff at Lower Delta facility is simply marvelous. She guided me on choosing the right Storage Size. She did not try to upsell to bigger and more costly storage unit. But give me what I needed:

Steve C.

I rented a storage unit at Lower Delta Road to keep my household furniture and Appliances during my recent renovation. The staff got the best deal for me. Thank You!


Best in Singapore has listed Self Store as one of the 12 best storage space rentals in Singapore for 2022. This is based on the company’s ability to provide accessible, secure, and affordable storage solutions that meet the needs of both individual and business customers.
Expat Living Reader's Choice Awards 2022 Best Storage Facility Silver Winner
Self Store has been mentioned by Singapore Finest Services as one of the 15 most reliable storage space providers in Singapore for 2023. The company’s reputation for delivering high-quality storage services, as well as its commitment to customer satisfaction, has earned it this recognition.
Three Best Rated
FunEmpire has recognized Self Store as one of the top 36 storage spaces in Singapore for 2023. This is based on the company’s commitment to providing affordable, secure, and convenient storage solutions for both personal and business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of storage space may vary depending on the requirements you have. For instance, the duration of the rental period and the size of the storage unit you require may affect the rental price. Send us an enquiry now for a free quotation.

Not at all. Storage units are convenient and practical solutions for keeping your belongings while moving out or when you need to keep it somewhere apart from your home.

A self-storage company is a service provider that offers various storage solutions for personal and business purposes. This company may offer storage space for rent and warehouse solutions for the keeping of important things and supplies with flexible arrangements at an affordable price.

No, sleeping in a self-storage unit is illegal. A self-storage unit means that the storage space can be used solely by the one who rents it to store their belongings with the flexibility to access them when they want, at an affordable price and flexible duration.

Self-storage means that you have the sole right to store something on that specific unit. This self-storage solution is often used for storing items at an affordable price and flexible duration.

Regular storage space allows you to store your things together with other things people asked a storage company to be kept. It is like a warehouse or an archive shared by many people. Meanwhile, self-storage is special solution that enables private storage unit per individual.

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Click the links below to view each of our storage facilities in Singapore. Be sure to check the different services such as hot desks, storage, robotics storage and more as these services vary from location to location.

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