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SelfStore is your one-stop service provider for effective and affordable solutions regarding self storage in Singapore. With a wide range of self storage units at our conveniently located facilities for your choosing, storage space rental has never been easier.

At SelfStore, customers enjoy a 360° range of unique features such as ease of use, flexible rentals for various types of storage, 24-hour accessibility, absolute convenience, attractive prices, round-the-clock surveillance and friendly customer support. We value all customers and are dedicated to helping you make the best decision for all your self storage space needs. Individuals, families and businesses can count on SelfStore as a reliable one-stop storage solution provider at all times.

Keeping our customers in mind, we have taken excellent care to select ideal sites for our two storage facilities in Singapore. Centrally located off the Central Business District at Hoy Fatt Road and Lower Delta Road, our facilities for self storage are easily accessible via both public and private transport. Both facilities are fully equipped with security features to ensure that your items are safe and protected at all times. We also have a trusted team of knowledgeable and friendly professionals on standby to assist you anytime. If you are looking for trustworthy and affordable self-storage in Singapore, look no further than SelfStore.


Need extra space? Opt for Storage Space Rental!

Knowing a reliable storage rental in Singapore may come in handy should the need for extra space arise. Looking for a good storage facility for your belongings? Opt for the cheap storage solutions we are offering here at SelfStore!

Flexible Storage Rental Terms

SelfStore understands that we have varying requirements when it comes to storage rental in Singapore. Thus, we offer flexible storage solutions to help you with your needs.

Easily Accessible

Our storage space rentals are very accessible wherever you are in Singapore. SelfStore aims to provide a safe storage for their most precious belongings anytime and anywhere.

Safe And Convenient

We are eager to provide a safe and secure storage facility in Singapore to give our clients the peace of mind they deserve for reasonable rates!

Affordable Storage Spaces

The best part about entrusting your belongings to SelfStore is our cheap storage space in Singapore. Yes! We offer the cheapest storage without compromising the quality of service.

Small space living has been encouraged in Singapore for decades. The growing population led us to limit our living spaces. This entails the very limited storage space in our properties that we can afford for things that we do not use on a daily basis. Is throwing them off an option? Of course not, some things are too sentimental for us to let go. Some may not be useful today but will be useful months later. This is how rental spaces for storage in Singapore are essential. The need for adequate storage brought forth our mission to come up with solutions to make storage rentals more affordable and appealing to the public. Discover more about SelfStore’s storage solutions today!




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Choose Your Storage Facility

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Choose Your Preferred Storage Size

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Reserve Your Storage Unit

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That’s right, SelfStore is easy peasy!

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SelfStore has been in the storage industry for years. Our experiences taught us so much about the people’s needs, expectations and the problems being faced by storage providers in Singapore. With that, we designed unique storage solutions that aim to resolve the difficulties on both ends. We want to be able to provide the best solutions for our customers and we want our customers to trust storage providers more. You can expect affordable storage solutions from us. Apart from that, we also made sure that our customer service is always reachable to provide you the assistance you need when making a purchase decision. All these perks await you here at SelfStore.

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What Our Clients Say


I managed to declutter my home by storing my infrequently use stuff at Selfstore Hoy Fatt Road Self Storage facility. Price is very value for Money

Jac W

The staff at Lower Delta facility is simply marvelous. She guided me on choosing the right Storage Size. She did not try to upsell to bigger and more costly storage unit. But give me what I needed:

Steve C.

I rented a storage unit at Lower Delta Road to keep my household furniture and Appliances during my recent renovation. The staff got the best deal for me. Thank You!

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of storage space may vary depending on the requirements you have. For instance, the duration of the rental period and the size of the storage unit you require may affect the rental price. Send us an enquiry now for a free quotation.

Not at all. Storage units are convenient and practical solutions for keeping your belongings while moving out or when you need to keep it somewhere apart from your home.

A self-storage company is a service provider that offers various storage solutions for personal and business purposes. This company may offer storage space for rent and warehouse solutions for the keeping of important things and supplies with flexible arrangements at an affordable price.

No, sleeping in a self-storage unit is illegal. A self-storage unit means that the storage space can be used solely by the one who rents it to store their belongings with the flexibility to access them when they want, at an affordable price and flexible duration.

Self-storage means that you have the sole right to store something on that specific unit. This self-storage solution is often used for storing items at an affordable price and flexible duration.

Regular storage space allows you to store your things together with other things people asked a storage company to be kept. It is like a warehouse or an archive shared by many people. Meanwhile, self-storage is special solution that enables private storage unit per individual.

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