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How Self-Storage Can Help Small Businesses

How Self-Storage Can Help Small Businesses

Starting a business of your own? No matter whether you operate your business from home or you have a dedicated office, self-storage can be a great long-term storage solution for your growing business. By renting a storage unit, you can make the most of your space by keeping all your business documents and inventory organised. 

Many people associate self-storage with homeowners who have too much stuff and those moving homes, but SelfStore’s self-storage facilities also offer great benefits to small businesses. Read on as we look at the reasons why renting storage units can benefit small businesses.

1. Offers unmatched flexibility

A Wide Range of Storage Units

Owning a small business is all about being flexible – you need to be nimble in order to scale up and down with your operations. Fortunately, self-storage gives you that flexibility. Whether you need to grow or downsize, you will find a wide range of storage units at SelfStore, from small lockers to large warehouse spaces. You can depend on us for assistance with business adjustments such as these and we have readily-available storage units of various sizes and types to accommodate your business storage needs. Our storage size guide is available for viewing on our website to help you better decide which storage space is ideal for your business.

Additionally, our storage space allows easy renewal for extensions.

2. Cuts expenses

With the growth of your business, extra space will eventually be needed in the long run. In the event you need more room for equipment or inventory, but not for operating your business, renting a business storage unit may be more cost-effective than upgrading to a larger office. 

Moreover, many companies have adopted work-from-home practices since the post-pandemic era. The best course of action in such a scenario would be to rent a storage space and store all of your office supplies there until your office is back up and running.

3. Reduces clutter

Extra Space in a Cluttered Office

It may be beneficial to relocate excess inventory, unused furniture, and other items not in regular use into storage to free up valuable storage space. Look for anything that won’t be needed anytime soon and put it into storage if your small business is running low on space.

Storage space can be incredibly useful for you and your small business. De-cluttering your office and moving unused furniture, printers, and other items to a storage facility will create more space in your office. In the wake of a pandemic, extra space can be especially helpful as it helps your employees practice social distancing and take all the necessary precautions.

Keeping your bulky equipment in a storage facility also makes your office look more organised and neat. Consequently, you will create a positive and energetic environment where your employees will work more effectively, and you will also leave a great impression on clients and visitors.

Storage Solutions For Small Businesses In Singapore

It isn’t easy to start a business, and our self-storage facility is here to ease that process for you. Flexible storage spaces are very helpful to small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs alike. The addition of extra storage space can greatly improve your business operations, particularly during renovations and expansions. This eliminates the concern of equipment safety. Simply consolidate your items, pack them in our durable boxes, and have them transported to a storage space of a reasonable size. 

Ready to get packing? Start ordering your packing materials here, and get a quote on our storage units today!

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