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Do you need extra space in your house but yet find it hard to declutter? Perhaps it’s hard to let go of sentimental items that hold so much value. Or you have always longed for minimalism, but find it a waste to simply throw out things you might require someday in future. Maybe you just purchased or stocked up on vast quantities of necessities for long-term use, but have nowhere suitable at home to store them. This is where storage space rental comes in handy. A quality storage space for rent in Singapore will allow you to secure your seasonal belongings while keeping your home clutter-free.

Personal Storage in Singapore

The Answer to All Your Personal and Household Storage Needs

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Are you a collector with plenty of rare records, vintage goods, special paraphernalia, festive decorations, limited edition trinkets or a seasonal wardrobe that you hold dear? These prized possessions have to be kept in a safe and protected environment, where they are away from the mercy of the sun, pollution, dust and prying hands.

Do you have a renovation project that you wish to embark on or are you in the midst of building your dream home? You will need temporary storage for your furniture and household items while waiting for your humble abode to be ready. Finding somewhere secure with sufficient extra space to hold these sizeable items can be another headache all by itself (as if moving house isn’t nerve-wracking and stressful enough already!).

Are you a hobbyist with loads of bulky equipment and instruments? You might require reliable storage space rental in Singapore for your bikes, skiing gear and hiking supplies until the next big trip. Or maybe you are pursuing various musical and artistic endeavours, but do not have enough room at home for all your tools and equipment.

SelfStore is the answer to all your personal and household storage needs.

From compact locker-sized units for clothes, important documents, toys and smaller knick-knacks to spacious two-bedroom sized units for bulky furniture, weighty supplies and the like, we have the perfect storage space for rent in Singapore thanks to our wide selection of storage units.

SelfStore’s facilities at convenient locations, enhanced security, 24-hour accessibility and flexible rental duration make us one of the best choices for storage rental in Singapore if you are seeking that bit of extra space. Our sturdy storage units are specially designed to keep all sorts of items —from the delicate and fragile to the precious and valuable — safe from potential damage, pollution and other environmental factors. Dependable and committed to serving your needs, we offer a peace of mind to anyone seeking storage rental in Singapore.

As a one-stop premium provider of storage solutions, we believe in delivering exceptional service. Got a burning question or need help choosing the right storage space for rent in Singapore? We are just a call away! Our team of friendly professionals are equipped with knowledge at their fingertips and ever ready to assist.

With plenty of storage space for rent in Singapore at our two conveniently located facilities, SelfStore is the ultimate choice for those who wish to eliminate clutter from their personal and living space without disposing of any valued belongings. Let us simplify your life and take care of all your storage needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are various considerations that may affect the rates for a storage space for rent in Singapore. One example of which is the capacity of the extra space you are renting, the bulkier your space requirement is, the more costly the rate is. Moreover, factors such as rent duration as well as the security measures being implemented in the storage facility may affect the rates as well.

Storage space for rent in Singapore is a type of secured unit inside a facility where you can get extra space for your belongings. Most people get this type of service to keep their things temporarily while renovating their homes or while moving into another place. We are offering storage space rentals here at SelfStore.

Not at all. Storage space for rent is a convenient way to have an extra space whenever there is a need for one. As compared to renting a warehouse or a unit to place your belongings while moving out, renovating or simply waiting for them to be put to use, a storage space rental is often cheaper.

No, you may not. Most storage space for rent is within a facility that can secure and maintain the condition of inanimate objects but not humans or animals. Thus, it is not recommended to stay inside a storage unit at all cost. Furthermore, most storage facilities will not allow unauthorised people to stay or loiter inside their facilities for security reasons.

While you may rent a cheap unit or ask a relative to take in your belongings while you are having a home renovation or moving out, you will not be able to enjoy the security and convenient access of your belongings. Thus, it is always best to find a reliable storage space for rent in Singapore whenever the need for extra space arises.

It is recommended to have a personal storage or get a secured storage space for rent. This will allow you to keep your precious belongings in a secure environment when your property cannot accommodate them

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