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Space is a scarce and valuable resource, especially in an urban city like Singapore. Yet, it remains a fundamental aspect of our everyday lives and will continue to be so. We need space not only to work and live, but also to lead efficient and fulfilling lives.

Research has shown that an uncluttered environment is integral to both physical and mental well-being. In one study, women who described their homes with positive language were found to have a lower level of the stress hormone cortisol than those who described their homes as cluttered or unfinished.

Getting rid of excess stuff and making room for extra space can help you to feel calmer, happier and more in control. A tidy area reduces stress and anxiety, while improving focus, productivity and even relationships. There is also a lower risk of triggering allergies and other health ailments such as asthma.

But what happens when we do not have enough extra space? For some, decluttering or simply discarding your stuff might not be a practical solution.

Short Term Storage
The Answer to All Your Short Term Storage Needs
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Business owners

Are you unleashing your inner entrepreneur or managing a business? A generous storage space for your large haul of goods and supplies will probably be on your priority list. Bring some order and organisation to your company by investing in warehouse storage units.


Are you in the process of moving house or doing renovation work? Then you will require an appropriate storage space to keep your furniture safely out of the way during construction. Stowing away appliances and bulky items also prevents damage and minimises mess before you settle permanently in your dream home.


Parents often find themselves left with lots of children’s clothes, toys and books after their kids grow up. However, throwing out these items can be a waste when they are still in working condition and can be passed down to future generations. Why not keep them safely in a storage unit until you need them again?


Going abroad for studies? Travelling overseas for a sabbatical? Relocating for a work term? On a jet-setting adventure? Rather than lugging all your possessions with you, tuck them away in a storage facility in Singapore.

Big life changes

Sometimes, we find ourselves undergoing big life changes, both good and bad. Whether it’s marriage or divorce, welcoming a new arrival or bereavement, they can be quite unexpected. Short-term storage solutions can be an immense help during these uncertain times. Look for those with flexible storage rental durations, rates and contracts.

Yes, it is possible to maintain a tidy and uncluttered living space while still retaining your belongings with the help of temporary storage solutions in Singapore.

SelfStore provides a complete range of storage space rental units catered to your every need. Whether you are looking for long-term or short-term storage space for rent, we offer accessibility, affordability, convenience and security all in one package.

Strategically located at Hoy Fatt Road and Lower Delta Road, our warehouse storage facilities are ideal for those looking to free up extra space in their homes or offices and seeking a safe location to store important belongings. Both facilities are accessible round the clock, allowing you the freedom to retrieve or drop off your items as and when you like. Enjoy added peace of mind with first-class safety measures at our storage facilities

SelfStore goes beyond helping you get rid of clutter. We give you the best of both worlds. Let us help you save money and boost productivity while enjoying a healthier home and workplace with our premium storage solutions.

SelfStore Pte Ltd.

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SelfStore Pte Ltd.
SelfStore Pte Ltd.