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Cheapest and Affordable Storage Space in Singapore!

SelfStore offers cheap storage space that households and businesses benefit from. Offering rates that are among the cheapest storage space rentals you will encounter in Singapore, we refrain from devaluing the quality of our services despite making them affordable. Thus, you can expect cheap storage space rentals with adequate security, safe units and supported by a strong customer service team.

Renting for cheap storage space in Singapore:
Is It Truly Worth It?

The answer isn’t always straightforward. It hinges on several key factors like the overall expense, frequency of access to your belongings, and the inconvenience of transporting items to and from the storage facility.

Here’s how Self Store simplifies things for you: With our current promotion, enjoy up to 3 months of free storage, making it one of the most affordable deals available islandwide.

Why do people choose to rent cheap storage?

Whether it’s for short-term needs during moves or renovations, seasonal item storage, or cost-effective business solutions, cheap storage units offer flexibility and convenience. From accommodating lifestyle changes to ensuring the safety of belongings during travel or deployment, the reasons vary. Ultimately, affordable storage options provide a practical way to manage possessions without breaking the bank.


SelfStore Pte Ltd.

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SelfStore Pte Ltd.
SelfStore Pte Ltd.