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Being a densely populated city, land and space are valuable commodities in Singapore. The reality is that not everyone has the adequate space in their homes or workplaces to store all the essential supplies they need to keep. This is where a reliable storage facility can come in handy. With SelfStore’s one-stop storage solutions, home and business owners have a cost-efficient way to manage extra household office items. We offer quality storage units in our storage facility to allow you to store your belongings safely.

But how should one go about choosing the right storage facility in Singapore? WIth no lack of options to choose from, it can be a challenge knowing where to start and what works for you. As a premium provider of effective yet flexible storage solutions in Singapore. SelfStore is empowered to help you make the best choice with our welcoming storage units and features

Storage Solutions in Singapore
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Easy Storage

SelfStore prides itself in providing affordability, accessibility and convenience all in one package to those seeking storage solutions in Singapore. We have been known for providing affordable rental fees for storage units without compromising the quality and security. We keep on updating our storage facility with the latest security measures to give you peace of mind when entrusting your belongings to us. Besides assisting customers in saving space, we also do our best to help you save time and effort by making the entire process as seamless as possible. From getting estimates and quotations of the storage units you’ll need to rent to picking up your belongings and storing them in our storage units, we will help you experience better services a storage facility can offer. Simply come down to view our storage facilities in central Singapore and choose the right one for you. It’s as easy as ABC!

24-hour Access

Is easy accessibility a priority for you? Whether you are a business owner who needs to regularly access your storage unit to retrieve inventory or a homeowner renovating your place, you will be pleased to know that our storage facilities are open 24/7.

Not only are SelfStore’s storage facilities easily reachable via public and private transport, you also enjoy the freedom of accessing your storage units anytime you like. All you require is your registered access card to access the units as and when you need.

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Customer Support

At SelfStore, client satisfaction is our priority. We believe in building robust long-term relationships through friendly customer care. Our staff are professionally trained to maintain rapport, provide customer support and high quality service at all times. SelfStore not only offers stellar storage solutions, but also lasting relationships.

Storage Facility Customer Satisfaction in Singapore

Flexible Rental

We understand that unexpected situations may arise and circumstances can change anytime. With our wide array of flexible solutions for storage units, you certainly have nothing to fret about. Storage duration at SelfStore is flexible and can be as short as one month to as long as a year or more.

Flexible Payment

Have a tight budget? Not to worry. We value all our customers and aim to offer affordable storage solutions for everyone. SelfStore is committed to service excellence, which includes coming up with a cost plan for storage facility rental that is reasonable for both parties. Not only do promotions happen all-year round, you can also look forward to enjoying discounts during initial signups as well as preferential rates when you renew with us.

Safe & Secure

Our storage units and facilities are equipped with CCTV cameras that are operational round the clock to ensure 24/7 surveillance, both within the premises and surrounding the building perimeters. Additionally, only registered customers can access our storage facility with their access card and personal key lock. As your storage unit belongs exclusively to you during the rental period, you may also use your personal padlock for an added peace of mind.

Hygiene & Sanitation

Cleanliness of our storage facilities is of utmost importance to us. While our staff will not access your storage unit during your lease, daily cleaning is conducted outside the unit. We also make sure that all storage units are returned in an acceptable condition before each new lease and perform routine storage facility maintenance regularly to ensure optimum condition for your usage.

Packing materials

Getting the right tools and materials to pack your items can be a hassle or worse, lead to more clutter. Let us take care of the nitty gritty. Essential packing materials such as scissors, strings, tape and boxes are available for purchase onsite and online when you book our storage units.

SelfStore Pte Ltd.

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SelfStore Pte Ltd.
SelfStore Pte Ltd.