Storage Units, Singapore

Storage Units, Singapore

storage units singaporeAt SelfStore, we stock a range of storage sizes to meet all your requirements. Our units range from locker sizes, which are ideal for smaller items such as toys, clothes and similar stuff, to two-bedroom sized ones, which can store big objects like home and office furniture.

Customised Storage Units     

We provide a complete selection of storage sizes for those seeking a safer storage alternative for all their personal and business goods. Our innovative solutions are a cost-efficient option for those who seek to de-clutter their homes, offices, or warehouses. Our 24/7 self-storage facilities give you unlimited access to additional storage space at all given times. What’s more, our units and facilities are completely secure, and provide protection for all sorts of fragile products as well. Everything from furniture, memorabilia, office supplies, musical instruments, and books can be safely stored in our customised unit sizes. You can also look forward to state-of-the-art access and complete climate control, depending on your requirements. We provide short-term and long-term rental options to efficiently meet your needs and get everything in order.     

Dependable Storage Solutions

If you’re seeking a reliable storage unit/s to accommodate personal or official goods, get in touch with us today. Our convenient locations at central points in Singapore make it easy for you to access your goods at any time, via public or private transport. Thanks to our varied unit sizes, you can select the ideal space for your household or business requirements, and store them in a secure manner at all times. If utilising space efficiently is important to you, look no further than us at SelfStore.