Enterprise Storage for all your Business Needs

Enterprise Storage for all your Business Needs

business storage units singaporeAre you the owner of a business which is dependent on space for you to store goods? Is your company in need of a short-term storage space, while simultaneously renovating or seeking a new location? Or is it that you just need some space to store your company documents? Regardless of what your needs are, SelfStore is the ideal place to turn to. 

We provide different unit sizes to match your needs adequately, with everything from locker-size units for your office papers/documents, to two-bedroom sized units for bulkier office furniture and other heavy items. Thanks to our clean facilities, central locations, and flexible rates for storage units – you have literally nothing to fret about. Contact Us Now  for any queries on your storage requirements!   

Business Storage Units, Singapore

Small as well as medium-sized enterprises stand to benefit from our range of options for enterprise storage, which help in cutting costs as well as boosting productivity.  Our secure, convenient as well as flexible storage solutions are created for businesses to function on an optimum level. You can choose from the different unit sizes we offer, to match your needs and clear up important space in your office. Businesses that require warehouse facilities at a cost-efficient rate can always count on us to do the needful for them, as we are a reliable choice for ongoing stock movement. Since conventional forms of warehouse storage tend to be expensive, our services are a viable option for those seeking to save more.

Reliable Office Storage

Our all-encompassing facilities give you easy access for storing and retrieving stocks, supplies and equipment. You can rest assured that all your items are well secured and available for access at all times. Be it for office relocation or archive storage, our short-term and long-term facilities are an ideal option for storing important items and documents. In addition, we also provide centrally-located storage services for your convenience!