Aircon Storage Singapore

As newer flats and homes are being built smaller, homeowners don’t have the luxury of space. We may want to keep all of our belongings and prized or sentimental possessions with us at home but storage space may be insufficient.

When it comes to looking for adequate aircon or non-aircon storage facilities in Singapore for your belongings, there are a couple of factors you may want to consider.

  1. Do your items require a larger storage facility?
  2. Does the storage facility need to be in a prime location spot for easy accessibility?
  3. Are your goods temperature-sensitive? In other words, do you need aircon storage capabilities?
  4. What are the storage unit sizes you are looking at?

Aside from the cost, size, accessibility, flexibility and convenience of the storage facilities, perhaps the most important question that customers often neglect is the temperature sensitivity of the goods they wish to store. For instance, antiques, musical instruments, fine art pieces and electronics are some types of goods that you would need aircon storage facilities in humid Singapore.


Benefits Of Aircon Storage Facilities in Singapore

Customers who desire to take precautions with the condition and quality of their items may consider storing them in aircon storage units in Singapore.

Although not all items may require aircon storage, erratic weather and humidity in Singapore are good reasons to insure the quality of your goods in an airconditioned environment. Without aircon storage facilities, household items such as books and photos are susceptible to browning (paper rot) and clothing can become damp or exude an odour if left placed in the high humidity in Singapore.


Require Aircon Storage? Contact Our Team in Singapore

Considering the possible damage that can occur to your personal goods due to the humid weather in Singapore, it makes perfect sense to store your treasures in our aircon storage facility near Alexandra.

Take a look at some of the benefits of our storage facilities in Singapore. If you are considering aircon storage capabilities, contact us today for a quote!