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A Guide To Self-Storage: Everything You Need To Know


Self-storage! This concept is undoubtedly common knowledge among Singaporeans for years now. In fact, such services are becoming more popular among many Singaporeans, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

So has this recent boon in popularity for self-storage puzzled you? Why do people need storage space? And what could they possibly be storing within these storage units? Well, we will be glad to help clarify your doubts and more!


 Benefits Of Renting A Self-Storage Facility

But first, if you are not already aware, self-storage provides individuals and entrepreneurs with extra space to rent and keep their personal and business items, respectively. Depending on individual needs, these storage units can either be rented on a short or long-term basis.

Such services are usually more flexible than full-service storage. Customers often have limited access to their possessions when engaging in full-service storage services and have to rely on the storage provider to store and manage their belongings.

Meanwhile, self-storage service providers, like SelfStore, allow you to pack and arrange the storage unit according to your preference. Moreover, you have 24/7 access to your items. So you can take what you need whenever you want. And the benefits do not stop there!

2.1. Mental Health Benefits Of Decluttering Your Living Space

Mental Health Benefits Of Decluttering Your Living Space

2.2. Why Do People Need Self-Storage

Okay, there is certainly plenty of benefits to self-storage. But why do people require storage? After all, if it is all about creating more room at home or in the office, would having a dedicated storage room not suffice? Naturally, limited space is the obvious answer, although that is not the only reason. Let us share the top reasons why people require self-storage units. 

Reason #1: Offset the stress of moving

When talking about self-storage, people often emphasise the same few benefits of decluttering your living space, like providing more space at home or protecting your furniture during a home renovation. Sure! These are all valid perks of renting a storage unit. However, the mental health benefits of decluttering your living space should not be ignored too.

You might be surprised to learn that an untidy environment can contribute to one’s stress levels. Renting a storage unit allows you to declutter your home, improving your mental health and productivity. Read on to find out how self-storage can help!

Benefit #1: Better focus

Visual clutter is a big distraction, drawing our attention away from what our focus should be on – like work or family. Getting rid of the mess is the first step towards helping you concentrate on the task at hand. 

Benefit #2: Higher self-esteem

When everything is disorganised, you feel out of control. The mere thought of addressing the mess can leave you overwhelmed, affecting your self-esteem. Decluttering your living space can help relieve stress and restore your feelings of competency and pride.

Benefit #3: Better relationships

Our home is a place for us to retreat to rest and relax. Clutter can cause anxiety and family stress, leading to conflict between family members that disrupts the peace. Self-storage can help declutter your house, transforming it into the calming sanctuary it should be.

Benefit #4: Improved lifestyle and well-being

Clutter is not only a distraction, but it also bombards our minds with excessive stimuli. This overload of the senses can make it challenging for us to relax physically and mentally, thus affecting our sleep. You may find that you sleep better in a tidy, organised bedroom compared to a messy one.

Offset the stress of moving storage solutions

It is undoubtedly an exciting time when moving to a new home. However, relocation can also bring about undue stress. Unexpected delays can occur. Without a fall-back option, you could find yourself in a pickle if everything is packed, but your new premise is not ready yet. In these times, you may require storage solutions to hold your belongings until you can move into your new home. 

Reason #2: Temporary storage during a home renovation

Temporary storage during a home renovation

Wear and tear naturally occur as time passes. Gradually, you may find that your current home requires refurbishment. When the renovation work is happening, the last thing you want is for your precious furniture and appliances to be covered in layers of dust and debris. Worse, they might even be accidentally damaged. Seeking temporary storage space for rent during these times can help keep your items safe. 

Reason #3: Provide more space at home

Provide more space at home storage solutions

Decluttering has been a thing since before the dawn of the KonMari method. However, decluttering is not always as simple as throwing unused objects out. Some might be confronted with a dilemma when an object holds sentimental value but there is insufficient space at home to store the item. 

The solution to this problem? Storage units! Some may use them as temporary storage solutions while they go through the decluttering process. Conversely, others consider storage units as long-term storage options to stow their sentimental possessions.

Reason #4: Life transition

Life transition self-storage

Sometimes, we are faced with sudden and significant events that alter the way we live. Whether you are moving to a bigger home to accommodate the baby’s arrival or downsizing your house for retirement, self-storage units function as a secure shelter for belongings that cannot be relocated immediately.

Reason #5: Keep business inventory organised

Keep business inventory organised Storage units

Having your inventory strewn across your office space does not look professional. Not to mention a messy workplace is hardly ideal to conduct business. While it might seem like a brilliant idea to reduce cost initially, the clutter will eventually wear on your patience. Storage units are versatile, allowing you to house everything from inventory to office equipment and business archives.

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2.3 Types Of Storage Units At SelfStore

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why Singaporeans utilise self-storage units. The different types of storage rental available only add to the appeal of self-storage. Generally, the storage facilities in Singapore can be broadly classified into two categories: personal and business storage. 

At SelfStore, we provide both storage options to our customers. Our flexible lease terms allow you to consider both short and long-term storage with us, depending on your requirements. You can also choose between non-air-conditioned or air-conditioned storage facilities.

Now, that certainly seems like an abundance of options! Regardless of your needs and decision, you will enjoy the perks of self-storage – either from a personal or business perspective.

2.4 How Self-Storage Can Help Local Businesses

How Self-Storage Can Help Local Businesses

Let us first take a look at how business owners can benefit from self-storage. Whether you have a dedicated business space or your business is based out of your home office, a storage unit can come in handy. A disorganised workspace will soon be a thing of the past!

Benefit #1: Provide flexibility

Every entrepreneur understands the importance of being agile and having the flexibility to scale up and down with their business operations. Self-storage provides this flexibility, with rental sizes ranging from compact storage lockers to large warehouses. Hence, allowing business owners to grow or downsize as necessary. Moreover, the flexible lease terms ensure you are not locked into a long-term contract.

Benefit #2: Reduce costs

Hang on! Wouldn’t renting a storage unit incur additional business expenses? That may be true, but you have to think long-term. Eventually, you will run out of office space for your equipment or inventory as your business expands. When that happens, it might make more financial sense to consider business storage than pay a premium sum to rent a larger office space. 

Benefit #3: Eliminate clutter

A messy office is bad for business productivity and organisation. As we mentioned earlier, clutter can distract us from concentrating on our work. Having clutter strewn across the office also means less room for you and your staff to move around, further slowing down your operations. You may also find yourself misplacing essential documents among the clutter. With a storage unit, you can clear out any item that is not necessary for your day-to-day operations.

Benefit #4: Easy access to inventory

The last thing you want as an entrepreneur is to have insufficient stock to meet demand. As such, you will desire easy access to your inventory to ensure you can replenish your supplies when needed. Self-storage offers 24/7 access, allowing you to stop by your storage unit whenever convenient. 

2.5. How Self-Storage Can Maximise Your Living Space And Keep Things Neat And Organised

 How Self-Storage Can Maximise Your Living Space And Keep Things Neat And Organised

store almost everything, with a few exceptions such as perishable goods and hazardous materials. Here are the common items businesses store in their storage units

Storage for merchandise and inventory

Finding space for their merchandise and inventory is often a struggle for many companies, especially those in the retail and e-commerce industries. Retail businesses, in particular, face the added concern of overstocking seasonal items, leaving them with an abundance of supply but no demand. 

Without ample storage space, entrepreneurs will find it tough to keep track of their entire inventory. As a result, it is not uncommon to find off-season items mixed in with in-season merchandise. Business owners will also find it challenging to store their old stock since the space must be dedicated to newer products. Often, this means discarding older goods, which can be a massive expense. 

Even e-commerce businesses that do not have to deal with a physical storefront will benefit from having a storage unit. With the extra space afforded to aid inventory management, business owners find it easier to store excess stock, locate the items they need, and take out the supplies they require for their business. 

Storage for documents and equipment

There is a misconception that self-storage is only suitable for business owners. But we have established that many homeowners utilise self-storage to declutter their houses or store items during their home renovation to prevent damage.

Such storage solutions are especially handy during spring cleaning, allowing you to keep your living space neat and organised. After all, a messy home is definitely a chore to clean up. But what can you store within your storage unit to maximise your living space and maintain a tidy apartment? Let us find out!

1. Mementoes and keepsakes

It is not always easy to throw away our belongings, especially when they hold sentimental value. With self-storage, you can enjoy the best of both worlds! Furthermore, specific objects can be delicate. But when you are in the midst of spring cleaning, you may accidentally topple and damage your precious memento. A storage unit offers a safe and secure location to stow your items, ensuring they are kept out of harm’s way.

2. Seasonal clothing and home decorations

Travelling overseas to enjoy the spectacle of a winter wonderland or decorating your home for the holidays are undoubtedly fun activities for the entire family. However, your bulky winter wear and seasonal decor take up a significant amount of valuable storage space at home. Fortunately, this is no longer a concern with self-storage.

3. Luggage

It can be tricky to store luggage at home, as its large surface area causes it to accumulate dust easily. Plus, it can be challenging to keep your luggage in a closet, depending on its size. So rather than allow your luggage to take up valuable storage space at home, consider storing it in a storage unit instead to maximise your living space.

4. Bulky furniture

Spring cleaning is an exhausting task in and of itself without your bulky furniture serving as an obstacle, making the chore even more challenging. Naturally, there is nothing you can do about your essential furniture. But what about the pieces you have no use for currently? 

Throwing these furniture pieces away in these circumstances makes no sense since they remain in working conditions and cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Storage rental provides a viable alternative for those seeking a place to store excess furniture and declutter their homes.

At the end of the day, these storage solutions can help declutter your home and maximise your living space. Having fewer objects at home also means fewer hindrances when conducting spring cleaning. Imagine how exhausting you will be if you have to shift your belongings to and from their storage location to clean the area.


Our guide has extensively covered how self-storage can benefit homeowners and entrepreneurs alike. But we believe that business owners stand to gain the most from self-storage. Whether your business has been operating for years or you are launching a startup, storage space is always at a premium. Thankfully, this conundrum is easily resolved with self-storage.

3.1. Why Businesses Storage Is Necessary

If you are an entrepreneur who has yet to consider self-storage, what are you waiting for? Of course, we understand that there are various considerations to factor in when making any business decision. However, if you are still on the fence about this, let us try to change your mind. 

In particular, we believe that businesses from the following industries will benefit the most from renting a commercial storage space:

  • Retail and e-commerce businesses
  • Publishing companies

So how can your business best utilise its commercial storage space? The answer, as it turns out, is plenty. The great thing about self-storage is that you can 

Commercial storage space is often recommended to help businesses manage inventory. So does this mean companies operating on a service model do not require self-storage? Not necessarily so. Even enterprises dealing with little to no merchandise have other items that require storage – like documents and equipment.

If you are planning on storing your business archives within your storage space, let us share some crucial tips to keep in mind to ensure your documents are well-maintained and undamaged during storage:

  • Ensure you keep a digital backup of your documents before safekeeping them in your storage unit.
  • Try to use storage boxes with air-tight packaging to store your documents. This safeguards the files from water damage in case of any water leak.
  • When arranging your business archive, place the oldest file in the back of your storage unit. Place the files you need to access frequently towards the front of the unit to make it more convenient to move them.
  • Label all of your storage boxes clearly so that it is easier to find the document you need.
  • Consider renting an air-conditioned storage facility to maintain a dry and cool environment. This prevents damage and deterioration of sensitive paper documents. A moist and humid climate is a hotspot for the formation of moulds and mildews, which can damage your business archives.

3.2. Tips On Choosing The Right Storage Unit For Your Needs

Tips On Choosing The Right Storage Unit For Your Needs

Are you convinced of the advantages of renting a storage unit? In that case, you are probably eager to begin searching for your ideal storage facility. As you go about shortlisting possible candidates, do keep the following tips in mind to help you choose the perfect storage unit for your needs. 

Tip #1: Determine the purpose of your storage space

It is vital to know the function of your storage space and what you plan on stowing in it. The purpose of your unit impacts the size you require. The last thing you want is for your possessions to outgrow your chosen storage unit, resulting in you having to move everything to a larger space. 

If you require business storage, you may want to rent a larger unit to provide greater flexibility to scale your business when necessary. Conversely, if you are using the space to declutter your home, you might want to pick a unit with extra space upfront to make it easier to access your belongings regularly. 

Tip #2: Create an inventory list

We recommend making a list of the items you plan on storing in your storage unit. A list can be helpful, as you do not always realise how much stuff you need to keep until you actually conduct an inventory check. 

Do note the following as you are drafting your inventory list:

  • Indicate the number of storage boxes you have (an approximate amount will suffice)
  • Determine how many pieces of bulky furniture/equipment will go into storage (if applicable)
  • Try to get estimated measurements of your larger items, if possible. 

Taking the time to perform these tasks can provide you with a clearer gauge of the storage size you require. 

Tip #3: When in doubt, go one size bigger

Not sure if your preferred storage unit is sufficient to store everything? In that case, go one size bigger. Choosing a storage unit that is smaller than you require for economic reasons is never a good idea. This usually results in overcrowding, which is a safety hazard.

You also must consider that your belongings require extra space for proper ventilation, especially if you are not renting an air-conditioned unit. Items containing natural materials need room to breathe. Cramming everything together can cause damage to your possessions, and they will not remain in good shape.

Tip #4: Visit the storage facility in person

Service providers generally list the available storage sizes for rental on their websites. Nonetheless, it is still worth taking some time to visit a few storage facilities within your vicinity. Checking out the facility and the units available can help you make a more informed decision.

Other factors to consider in a storage facility

In addition to the tips we shared above, do not neglect to consider the following factors during your search.

Factor #1: Security

When you store your possessions in a self-storage unit, you expect your belongings to be kept safe. If the place has lax security, it hardly inspires confidence in you. Therefore, you should ensure your chosen storage facility has a robust security system – i.e. 24/7 security and surveillance. 

Factor #2: Location

Imagine staying in Bukit Merah and travelling all the way to Tampines to access your storage unit. It makes no sense. As such, your storage unit should be located near your home. If you are utilising your self-storage unit for business purposes, you may want to select a facility closer to your office.

Factor #3: Cleanliness

It is common for many to neglect the cleanliness of their storage unit, but you should not! A dirty and uncleaned storage facility can attract pests. Rodents, in particular, may gnaw and scratch your belongings, damaging them. Facilities that are not well-maintained should be a red flag. 

Factor #4: Customer service

Yes, the self in self-storage generally means you will be managing your inventory independently. But this does not mean that customer service should not matter. Your ideal service provider should have staff onsite to assist you if you have questions or when something goes wrong. 

Factor #5: Budget

There are various factors that affect the cost of a storage unit, such as location, storage size, and amenities like aircon. Knowing how much you are willing to spend beforehand makes it much easier to decide on a location and storage unit that matches your needs and budget.

Why SelfStore is your ideal service provider!

You will find that SelfStore matches these criteria to a tee! We offer convenience and flexibility to all our customers – homeowners and entrepreneurs alike. With our flexible lease terms, you can select your ideal unit size and contract length based on your individual needs. Furthermore, you can easily scale up as your storage needs grow.

Rest assured that our storage facilities are equipped with CCTV cameras operating around the clock to maintain 24/7 surveillance, both within our premises and surrounding the building perimeters. Plus, only our registered customers with access cards can enter our premises, thus providing extra security. You can also use a personal padlock to secure your storage unit for added peace of mind.

Lastly, you will have 24/7 access to your storage unit, allowing you to shift any item in or out as and when you require it. We also have trained staff located onsite to assist you with any query when you need help. If you run out of storage materials and supplies, we have you covered too!


Are you running out of space in your home or workplace but can’t afford to throw anything away yet? In that case, SelfStore is the solution you seek! Our cheap storage space can help keep your business or home organised. We have a wide range of storage units to choose from, allowing you to select the one that best fits your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us today to enquire about our prices and unit availability!

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